Monday, April 11, 2011

Why this? Why now?

Welcome to the first post on a site designed specifically for husbands.  Hopefully any that stumble upon this site will find information of interest and of value, but I'm not targeting "any."  I'm not targeting women and I'm not targeting teens.  I'm not even targeting men generally.  No, the bead is directly upon the heart of husbands.

Why?  We live in dangerous times for marriages.  Most folks get married like they buy a new car.  They lay out a huge initial investment, ride it around for awhile, and then when the car starts sputtering or it just loses its luster, they trade it in for a new model.  Marriage in America has become disposable.

Marriage in the Church has become disposable.  Many stats point to divorce rates being the same for Christians and for non-Christians.  "Whoa!" cries Pastor Pete. "Those stats are skewed because many who call themselves Christians are not really Christian." Perhaps the stats are a bit out of kilter, but the big question is why any in the Church divorce at all?  So even if the divorce rate among Christians is thirty percent, it's thirty percent too high.

I would contend that the lion's share of the problem rests on the rounding and slumping shoulders of the man (more on that as the articles flow).  Where are the men encouraging other men toward biblical manhood and thereby encouraging them toward becoming God-honoring husbands?  When's the last time another man has had the brass to ask you a hard question about your marriage?  From time to time you might hear a sermon that makes you squirm a bit about the kind of husband you are but the pressure usually ends at the sanctuary door.

Consider this a place to help you get back on track.  THE place to help you get back on track is the word of God.  It shouldn't surprise us that the One who created man and woman and subsequently joined them together would have a great deal to say about that joining and our roles therein.  Such is indeed the case.  My opinions count for little.  Dr. Phil's count for less.  Therefore, I hope for my opinions to be few and God's word to be large and loud.

We have a command: Love your wives as Christ loved the church.  It doesn't get much plainer than that.  It's time we live it. 

See you soon!

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  1. I desire to be a faithful follower of Christ and love my wife in a deeper way. I believe that your blog will help me do both.


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