Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The espresso shot

My desire on this blog is to be a blessing to those brothers out there who are trying to resuscitate their marriages and
to those brothers out there trying to keep their marriages humming like a Maserati and to those brothers who ache for their marriage to move beyond the mediocre.

The American marriage is in crisis. Nobody knows what marriage is anymore. If it is merely what you make it, then what is that? Generally it equates to "not much." The only hope is for us to turn to the One who designed marriage, the One who designed man and woman to cleave so very nicely to one another, to complement one another, to complete one another. 

To that end, I have started a Twitter feed for those who dabble in that realm of social media (@LoveYourBride). On a far more regular basis than I have been blogging of late, I will be "tweeting" biblical exhortations and general thoughts on how we might better love our wives.

Really, there's nothing better than just doing it--loving your wife--but sometimes it helps to have a little nudge. While these blogs might provide a bit more substance, the Tweets are more an espresso shot to get you moving.

So if you'd like a daily or at least a-couple-times a week nudge toward being the husband God has called you to be, follow me on Twitter @LoveYourBride (@Husbandsloveyourwives was too big). I'll be linking any posts from HLYW on there as well.

So why are you reading this? Go love your wife!

Monday, June 16, 2014

It's not 50-50, but...

Okay, no "buts."

It's 100%. The nanosecond you start keeping score in marriage, problems erupt faster than nutgrass in a Texas lawn.

Still, wouldn't it be nice if both partners in the marriage relationship invested themselves like they wanted to hit the jackpot? As always, it starts with the man in the mirror. So when you can't say it better yourself, borrow from someone else.

Thanks to something my bride posted for wives this morning (more on that in a bit), I stumbled on this great refresher on five simple things a man can do to bless his wife down to her arches. Give it a read here.

I really don't think you'll be surprised by any of his insights, but there's nothing better than getting the fire restoked with fresh kindling.

On the link my wife shared, the author, Dave Willis, linked a three-minute video on why you should be having more sex. Yeah, that made my head snap, too. He does a great job of encapsulating 1 Corinthians 7:1-5 in an espresso shot. Give it a listen:


Finally, if you have the opportunity to minister to women (like your wife) and IF they desire to know how they might be a blessing to their husband, you can find the link to "Simple ways to be a great wife" here

 May God strengthen you to be the vehicle he has chosen to lavish his love upon your bride.