Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A man richly blessed


That would be me, the man richly blessed.

Why is that? Because God saw fit to bring to me as my bride the woman with whom I have walked the last twenty-six-plus years of my life.

Really?? you query. There are some 3.5 billion women on the planet. What makes yours special?

Thank you for asking.

** There is no other like her. She is a one of a kind handcrafted by the Sovereign of the universe. Hike the mountains of Tibet, and you'll not find her duplicate. Dive the Marianas Trench with John Cameron, and she won't be there either.

** She is my wife. For those who know me even a little bit, you understand what an extraordinary person that must be. More on that in a bit.

** She is the mother of six children (now eight) and grandmother of one. Yes, there are other mothers, but none are her. None have invested into our children as she has. None has loved them the way she has. None has invested in them as she has. Some would say she hasn't worked a day in her life. Her sons would scoff such idiocy. They are who they are because she is who she is.

** She is the daughter of the King. Truly, it is a sight to behold to watch the King conform one of his children to his image. Breathtaking really. She looks more and more like him every day and it blesses me more and more that he has given her to me to be my bride.

** She is my very best friend. I would rather spend time with her than any other person on this planet. Sorry. None other lavishes me with grace. None other holds me in my tears. None other stands toe-to-toe to confront. In love. None other on this earth cares about me as she.

** She is my love. Yeah...

And I'm just getting started.
** She cuts my hair.
** She cooks. Oh, my, does she cook! If you have been blessed to sit at our table, you know what she can do in a kitchen.
** She is an artisan. She brings beauty to whatever she touches.
** She is a friend to others. A mentor. A confidant. A minister (please, don't take that out of context).
** She's a hoot!
** She kills me at Scrabble, Settlers, Euchre. BUT NOT CRIBBAGE!
** She loves a love story but will still go with me to movies where things explode and superheroes wear goofy uniforms.
** She has come to love baseball because she loves me.
** Football. Same deal.
** She outshoots me on the pistol range--every time.
** She carries. Oh, I love this woman.
** She does my taxes and balances my books.
** She reads to me when we travel
** She laughs at my jokes.
Why this elegy? It's her birthday. Consider it a documented praise to God for this woman, a remembrance for the 29+ years that he has put her on this planet, a thanksgiving by me for the opportunity to know this woman. I hope you will get the opportunity to know her, too. There is none like her!

Happy birthday, Tracy!

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  1. To God be the glory...Great things He has done! You bless me so! I love you Keith. Thank you!


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