Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just around the corner

Gents, you might think Hallmark created Valentine's Day and that it is just a conspiracy to pry more money from your white-knuckled fists.  Maybe so.  But your wife loves it!

You might think it's over-the-top syrupy, but a little romance, a little tenderness, and a little affection all go a LONG way to ministering to the non-male heart beating in your woman's chest. It's just a couple of weeks away.

You might not get it. Read my lips: it doesn't matter! Because it matters to your bride, it should deeply matter to you. I'm not plugging for Hallmark or for Russell Stover's, but I am plugging for you and for your wife.

Here are some thoughts before too many days tick away:

1. Plan a date. Now. Take her some place fancy (i.e. a place without fifteen games on big screens around the room). Go over the top and pre-position a rose to be placed upon her plate. Low lights. Candles. Great food. And your woman! Zoinks. It's getting hot in here.

2. Tell her you love her. No, not just "I love you." Go all Elizabeth Barrett Browning on her.  "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways."  Count the ways. Nothing like a tangible list of tangible things that she does or that she is that touch your soul. Notice rings about her. Hearing such things will touch her soul.

3. Cards. Go to the garage, grab a crow bar, and pry open your wallet.  Then go to a store with cards and buy her a card. No, buy her seven. Woo her. Romance her. Get some that are schmaltzy and flowery. Get some that are saucy. Then write stuff in them. Reference #2 above. Send one a day in the week leading up to Valentine's Day (take into account a day or two for delivery) mixing up the flowery and the saucy.

4. Buy flowers. Yes, I know they die! But she doesn't care. For a couple of days they will make symphonies play in her soul that her man cares.

5. Write a poem. Yes, you! Think of the gymnastics you went through to get her to walk down the aisle with you. Let this be a season when she looks back on that day and can't praise God enough for the man she wed. Write a poem. You can do it (if you pull off a sonnet, send it to me and I'll post it!).

6. Overnight? Maybe not in the next two weeks, but if you haven't planned an overnight with your woman, do it.  I don't care if you have kids, get a sitter. Swap with friends, a you-watch-my-kids-I'll-watch-yours kind of deal if you don't have family close by who will sacrifice themselves for your marriage. And plan out something to do. Alright, plan a couple of things to do--outside of the hotel room. Or maybe not.

7. Talk. Ask your friends what their doing for their girls. Trust me. You have some creative friends. Steal their ideas.

8. Talk, again. This time to her. When you take her out, talk to her. This might require some forethought because some of you may not be talkers. Think of questions to ask her that plumb the depths of her heart. Can't think of any? Look on line. I just found this list in less than a minute. When you desire to learn about your wife (1 Peter 3:7), not only do you honor God but you nourish her soul. Her man cares about her.

I know you OCD dudes will fritz because I only have a list of eight. The other two are for you to come up with!!

If you haven't enjoyed Valentine's Day before, I hope you dig this one because you have loved your wife!

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