Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pray with her

Show of hands.  When's the last time you knelt down with your woman and had focused prayer with her? Okay, maybe you didn't kneel.  Maybe you just sat beside her. Dispense with the format and focus on the heart of the question.

I stand convicted by my own query.

There was a time when my bride and I prayed together nightly. Did we purpose in our hearts to stop praying together? Certainly not. The dark side has a great way of distracting our minds and our purposes to neglect the things of highest importance. Really, can you think of anything greater that you can do for your family than to pray with your woman to Almighty God for them?

You will feel foolish. You will feel foolish because you know you should have been doing this long ago but haven't. You will feel foolish because you fear what she will think of you. You will feel foolish because you think your prayers sound stupid. It matters not what you think or feel. God commands you, brother, to be the head of your wife, and that means that you must lead her spiritually, you must lead her before the throne of God's good grace.

You want to see what the Bible has to say about prayer?  Go to Biblegateway, hit the tab on the side that says "Keyword Search," type in "pray," and start studying.

What things can you pray about with your woman?
  • Worshiping God
  • Praising him for his attributes
  • Thanking him for his blessings. Name them one by one. No general "thank you God for your blessings."
  • The salvation of your children
  • The wisdom to train them in the way they should go
  • That as your children seek their independence they might run headlong into another person who will continue to plow the word into their lives
  • Pray for their spouse even if your child is just conceived!
  • Pray for your wife
  • Pray that Christ would be foremost in her life
  • Pray that she would minister God's good grace to other women in the church and to the lost she might encounter day in and day out
  • That God would protect your marriage
  • That God would continue to knit you and your woman together with greater and greater bonds
  • That God would help you be a servant to your family
  • That God would help you to minister the word to your family
You get the idea? It's not an exhaustive list. How long could you be praying with your wife? Hours, really. And there may come a time for that in your family. Right now, just get started. Worship God together. Give him thanks for each other and your relationship and his work in your lives and marriage. Petition him for a child.  Tomorrow, lather, rinse, repeat.

Husband, love your wife! 


  1. Yeah, it is hard. I often feel awkward about approaching my wife for prayer. Odd, cause that's probably the last thing we should feel awkward about initiating. But so it is.

    Thanks for the encouragement Dad.

  2. Keith,

    Thanks for the reminder. Some of the sweetest and most peaceful times we have had is when we read the word together then pray. We made it til early June this year. July 1st was the last promise date I made to her as to when we would start again. Nearly 2 months have gone by. Perhaps it is time for me to act on my promise. Thanks Brother

  3. @Drew and Alicia Pond,
    Hey there. I have felt that way before. I have come to understand that it is because I have not been leading my wife in the way I should and SHE KNOWS IT. Thus I feel like a hypocrite when I think about approaching her to pray. I feel like she will see right through me and will respect me even less.

    My wife and I are doing well I am pleased to say. I have been dealing with something that has plagued me since I was a teen, porn. I have found that to be the source to the inner shame I would feel when I would approach her to pray. I'm blessed to say I we are praying together and growing as one flesh for the lord.

    I dont know where I'm going with this anymore...but ya, that "awkward" feeling about approaching your wife, I think is our unconfessed sin.


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